Why Choose Us?

"All my Artwork is handmade - totally local - nothing from China! All made by me!"

"Everything is a one-of-a-kind!"

"Love of color is a sign of a good mental health."

Slogan & Motto proclaimed by Corinna Kirchhof 

Fashion & Live Style Designed & Handmade by Corinna Kirchhof

(Artist - Boss - Shop owner)

That`s me

Corinna "Conny" Kirchhof

Artist & Shop owner

Born 1962 in Hamburg Germany. Economic School. Cutter for commercials. Married since more the 30 years - with the same one.

Always creative - changing location through Europe.

Austrian by choice.

Artist - working and living in Dürnstein & Rossatz at the Danube / Wachau valley.

See you...

"House of colors" / What a name?

Just on the point! Love it!

Gaynor Furnell
Round trip vacation in Europe


Handmade Art by Corinna Kirchhof & more special local products from the wachau valley

Here you will find all the creative products designed and made by Corinna Kirchhof. Right in the centre of the city of Dürnstein. Coming from the Steiner gate you can go to our shop. Left hand it goes down to the pillory, to the Hotel Richard Lionheart, to the Hotel Restaurant Blondel and to the Collegiate Church of Dürnstein as well to the old Bader House. You will run directly into our shop.

On the old monastery wall. Dürnstein 75 at the pillory.

Right in the heart of Dürnstein and the Wachau Valley.

Central Market Square - South Terrace

Hier finden Sie alle kreativen Produkte von Corinna Kirchhof. Direkt im Zentrum der Stadt Dürnstein. Vom Steiner Tor kommend gehen Sie zu unserem Shop. Dort wo es linker Hand herunter geht zum Prangerplatz, zum Hotel Richard Löwenherz, zum Hotelrestaurant Blondel und zur Stiftskirche Dürnstein sowie zum alten Baderhaus biegen Sie ab und laufen direkt zu auf unseren Shop.

An der alten Klostermauer. Dürnstein 75

Am Prangerplatz.

Direkt und mitten im Herzen von Dürnstein und der Wachau.

Central Market Square - South Terrace.

House of colors - handmade Art by Corinna Kirchhof

Dürnstein 75, 3601 Dürnstein, Austria

Store Hours

Monday — Sunday

10:00 AM — 4:00 PM